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California Overland jeep tours.
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California Overland takes you deep amongst the cactus and canyons of the incredible Anza-Borrego desert in open-air jeeps and former military vehicles. Get ready for rugged adventure in an amazing terrain rich in beauty, history and natural wonder that’s a less than 90-mile scenic drive from downtown San Diego.

See what it’s like to strip away the confines of a typical car or SUV and experience the desert with all your senses aboard the most exciting California desert tours. And our unique rating system lets you choose your own level of adventure. So check us out and you may find this is the journey you’ve always wanted to take.

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Amazing terrain rich in beauty
Anza Borrego desert tour.

The Desert Excursions: Click on photo to view tour details.

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Hollywood Meets the Anza-Borrego Desert
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California desert tours in military vehicles.
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Anza borrego desert tours.
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Throw a party they'll never forget!
Explore remote areas and remarkable features!
Wine Tasting though classic western backcounty!
Camp out under a desert sky with all gear provided!

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